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Build tech teams in 7 days, without the headache of searching, vetting, and on-boarding.

Glappy is trusted by over 100 startups and brands.

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Automated Productivity Control

We bring product teams together and make sure they work well using automated platforms like Jira, Git, and Slack.

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We have a team of highly skilled tech professionals from around the world who are ready to work on your project. We have vetted them for you, so you don't have to worry about the hiring process. They can dedicate anywhere from 5 hours per week to full-time, depending on your project requirements.

Glappy is trusted by over 100 startups and brands.

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The supportive and collaborative culture at Glappy made me feel like a valuable member of the team, and I always felt comfortable asking for help when I needed it. The mentorship provided by my supervisor was exceptional, and I learned so much from working alongside them.

Melinda B, New Jersey

Frequently Asked Questions

Which companies do you work with?

"Build my team" is a suitable solution for startups at various stages, including MVP development and scaling, as well as small and medium-sized businesses seeking to establish or modify their internal technology teams. This approach focuses on creating a flexible workforce rather than relying on external assistance.

How do you handle processes?

For each project, we assign a dedicated customer success manager (CSM) who oversees the entire process. We initiate the project with a kickoff meeting to plan our objectives for the upcoming weeks. Following an Agile methodology, we establish an infrastructure landscape tailored to your project, including developer environments utilizing services like Gitlab and Jira.

At the end of each few weeks, we provide progress updates, showcasing the work completed. Additionally, we transfer the intellectual property (IP) rights to you at the end of each few weeks. To keep you informed about the cost, the CSM will provide a detailed report of the hours worked.

What is the usual team budget?

The team package, comprising a technical leader, 2 full-time developers, a UX/UI designer, a project manager, and a QA Engineer, typically ranges from $7,000 to $12,000 per month, depending on the number of hours worked.

As an added benefit, a Glappy client success manager will be included at no extra charge.

What career services you offer?

Glappy is a unique remote hiring service that specializes in connecting businesses with the best remote tech talent worldwide. Our primary focus is on ensuring an optimal balance of cost and skills, enabling businesses to assemble highly aligned teams within a remarkable time-frame of just 7 days.

Whether you're seeking overseas tech talent, nearshore developers, or inshore developers, we're dedicated to simplifying the hiring process and providing a specialized approach for recruiting remote professionals, including developers, tech leads, and product managers.

What sets Glappy apart from other companies is our extensive network of actively engaged remote tech talent. We have built robust connections with professionals from around the world, ensuring a rapid and efficient sourcing process. Our team possesses a deep understanding of the complexities involved in hiring remote tech talent, and we are well-equipped to address the challenges that companies encounter during the hiring process.

We are committed to delivering optimal solutions to overcome these challenges and provide an exceptional hiring experience.Glappy offers a comprehensive service that covers every step of the remote hiring journey. From sourcing the right candidates to managing interviews, facilitating seamless onboarding, and providing ongoing weekly management, we have designed our service to simplify and streamline the entire process.

When you partner with Glappy, you can have confidence that you are working with a company that possesses the necessary experience, expertise, and dedication to help you build a robust remote team that aligns perfectly with your business goals.

The Future is Glappy!