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Mar 26, 2023

From Humanities Researcher to Data Analyst: Rolayo Kim's Journey

From Humanities Researcher to Data Analyst: Rolayo Kim's Journey

From Humanities Researcher to Data Analyst: Rolayo Kim's Journey

Becoming a Data Analyst

Have you ever thought about a career change but felt like it was too far-fetched?

Rolayo Kim, a Glappy graduate, thought the same way until she discovered her interest in data analytics. Rolayo's background was in social science, and she believed that data analytics was specific to IT roles. However, she discovered that she had been doing it in other forms without even realizing it. With a friend's encouragement and her researcher's mindset, Rolayo began her journey to become a data analyst.

The Journey

Rolayo’s learning journey began with online resources, but she felt that she needed a more systematic approach to measure her progress. She decided to enroll in a bootcamp that was both budget-friendly and flexible since she still needed to work. Glappy's Data Analysis course was the perfect match. Rolayo liked that the course consisted of two- or three-week-long sprints, each of which included reading, coding practice, and assignments. While she could read and practice coding at her own pace, she had to submit assignments on time to get access to the next sprint. Rolayo enjoyed learning about new industries through each assignment related to a business area she had never worked with before.

The Sacrifice

The course wasn't easy, but Rolayo pushed through it with determination. She cut down on entertainment and rescheduled her time to study in between lockdowns. Rolayo felt that self-discipline was crucial, and getting through these challenges helped her build her confidence. Rolayo became so engrossed in data analytics that she started applying for jobs while still studying with Glappy. After graduation, her chances radically improved, and she received feedback on two applications she'd sent. She got the job at Capgemini, a multinational IT services and consulting company, as a data analyst.


Rolayo's journey is an inspiration to anyone who wants to pursue a career in data analytics. She discovered that having a humanities background does not limit one's ability to become a data analyst. Rolayo's researcher's mindset helped her dive into a plethora of online resources and approach the course systematically. Self-discipline and commitment are essential to push through the difficulties of learning, but the reward is worth it. Glappy's Data Analysis course and Career Acceleration track helped Rolayo establish a strong foundation and perform well during her interviews. If Rolayo can do it, so can you.

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